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Champion Irrigation continues to support its 75+ years in business with exciting new products. We continue to support our customers through the innovation of new and exciting products.

Featured New Product

Champion-Arrowhead, LLC - QCV-100V - QCV-100V - 1" Coupler Valve- Single Lug with Vinyl Cover



Valve bodies, timers, actuators, pressure reducing valves, globe valves, spay heads, rotors and other key irrigations components are available from Champion Irrigation products.

You can now find catalogs, specification sheets and FAQs on this site.

All of our products now use EPDM diaphragms and gaskets, providing significantly longer life in high chlorine content applications.

One last example is the launching of a new outdoor timer for Champion Irrigation that is modular and the most cost effective product offering in the marketplace for outdoor clocks with 6-15 stations.

All of this backed by our 3 year warranty, the only one in the industry.

We invite you to visit the whats new section of our website.

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